Hear Your Baby’s Heartbeat Through Your Smartphone

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Remember the first time you heard your baby’s heartbeat? The sweet swooshing coming from your OB’s ultrasound machine was enough to make you forget the horrible morning sickness (almost). But what if you could listen to that pitter-patter whenever you wanted through a technology that fits in the palm of your hand? Yep, there’s now an app for that.


The new Bellabeat device is a handheld baby heart rate monitor that attaches to your smartphone. Installing it is as easy as inserting headphones into your phone — you just plug it in. A cord connects Bellabeat to your phone, and you hold it in the palm of your hand and place it on your belly. Information from your womb is then sent to the corresponding Bellabeat app. Within seconds, you’ll hear your baby’s heartbeat through the speakers of your own phone. Through the app, you can record the heartbeat and share it with family and friends.


The app itself is designed to organize all the info that comes along with being pregnant, including doctor’s appointments, weight gain, health records, trimester milestones and more. The interface is sleek and easy to navigate, plus it’s nice to have everything in one place. The illustrations and high quality recordings of baby’s heartbeat make sharing a must. In fact, the app also acts as a social platform though which users can interact with other expecting moms.

This is the tech age, where we can learn and do just about anything from our smartphone. And it’s good to see expecting parents get help and encouragement as they go through this big time in their lives. The question has to be asked, though: Will this new app create more anxiety than excitement? And, does it take away from the joy of hearing those little heartbeats at the doctor’s office?


Get more info and decide if you think Bellabeat is a must-have gadget online at bellabeat.com. It retails for $129 (the app is free) and can be purchased here.

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— Christina Fiedler