Chill-Busting Tights to Toast Their Buns

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While raising a house full of boys who loved pulling their socks off, Utah mom Christine Krogue finally had a lightbulb moment with her fourth son: What if the socks were attached to pants? Her invention, Baby Undersocks, are a must-have for the coming winter months.

Baby Undersocks are soft, thermal base-layer pants made from breathable bamboo — they look a lot like the long-johns we still shimmy into as adults — with thick, cozy socks sewn onto the bottoms. The pants are a neutral cream color and can be ordered with pink, blue or matching cream sock bottoms. They have a comfortable elastic waistband and non-slip rubber grips on the feet for babies on the move.


Does the extra layer mean a little more work when you’re changing a diaper or getting baby dressed for the day? Well, yes. But with Blizzasters and Snowpocalypes on the horizon, warm tootsies are worth it. And for spending a relaxing day playing at home, we’d pull these on over a cute long-sleeved onesie and call it an outfit.

$20 per pair, available in sizes 0-3 months to 3T online at

What do you think of this new winter style? Let us know in the Comments!

— Amalie Drury