Best Music for Soothing, Entertaining and Inspiring Babies

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Research suggests that playing music for our babies is beneficial in myriad of ways, but sometimes you might feel at a loss of what to put on. Should you go Bach or Laurie Berkner, or even Beyonce? Really, anything that works to soothe your baby, or during playtime get him bouncing to the beat works. But if you want to discover something new that’s created specifically for infant ears – read on.

I Believe in Little Things

Canadian Jazz Singer Diana Panton recently released her first album for kids. The set of 14 dreamy tunes are sure to enchant your little listener. The album includes favorites like <em>When You Wish Upon a Star</em>, <em>Rainbow Connection</em>, and <em>Little Things</em>, a Joe Raposo song from Sesame Street. Available on <a target="_blank" href=";*Version*=1&amp;*entries*=0"></a&gt;, $11.19 and <a target="_blank" href=""></a&gt;, $9.99.fuck

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–Julie Seguss