2 Game Changing Baby Bouncers You Need to See

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Your baby bouncer will feel like a life saver. It’s a must have. You’ll use it to bounce and calm your newborn right away, and in a few months, you’ll let him bounce and play with the toy bar to busy himself while you make dinner – and at any stage of babyhood, it’s often where your little one will safely wait while you shower or go to the bathroom. But one thing about bouncers is that they sit low to the ground, far away from your face that your baby so very much wants to see. Now, two gear companies have solved the problem. Read on to see why we love this game changing feature.02_Nursery_UpliftBouncer_L(H)

Elevate Baby!

The latest bouncer designs bring your little one up off the floor to reach new bouncing heights. Both the Skip Hop Uplift Multi-Level Baby Bouncer (pictured above) and the Tiny Love 3-in-1 Close to Me Bouncer offer new options, never before experienced in the world of baby bouncing.

Why do you want baby to bounce higher off the ground? Two reasons.

First, it’s a safety issue. Many parents place the baby bouncer on counter tops, beds, coffee tables or other furniture, even though safety recommendations frown upon it. If you haven’t done it yourself, you’ve probably been tempted to (or will be at some point). But if your little one bounces too much, he could take a tumble.

Second, it’s that very temptation, to defy baby bouncer safety rules. You naturally want baby to be closer to you as you do the dishes, fold laundry, eat dinner, etc., so placing the bouncer up high makes sense. Now, with these two new, innovative bouncers, your baby can be closer to you as she bounces. It’s one of those, “why didn’t they do that sooner?”, kind of features. Here are more details on these baby bouncer game changers.


Skip Hop Uplift Multi-Level Baby Bouncer

You can soothe your little with bouncing action as high as sofa height with this new design from Skip Hop. An easy-to-use knob allows you to adjust the height from the floor up to 34 inches, and anywhere in between. Now baby can bounce away the day at whatever level you choose.

Besides bouncing at a variety of heights your baby (0-25 lbs) can enjoy soothing vibrations, two songs plus a heartbeat and ocean wave sound (with volume control!) and an optional toy bar that comes with a mirror. Let us tell you that most babies will love the mirror, but you can also swap it out for another attachable toy if you prefer.


A few features that you’ll also love: the seat fabric can be removed and thrown in the washing machine when spit up and blow outs happen; an auto-off feature saves you batteries by shutting down after 20 minutes; the whole contraption folds up for storage; and this bouncer comes fully assembled so you can use it right out of the box.

Available at skiphop.com, $150.

tiny love close to me bouncer

Tiny Love 3-in-1 Close to Me Bouncer

Tiny Love’s elevated bouncer has three different modes to keep your baby happy and at your eye level. First, in bouncer mode, your little will be situated at sofa height and can be soothed with calming vibrations. Second, in soothing mode, you’ll recline the seat back and Baby can drift off to dreamland with 25 minutes of music (either soothing or playful). And third, your older baby can enjoy the high seat mode, which brings your baby up to the table for first foods or dinner “conversation”.

tiny love 3 position bouncer

Since the Close to Me bouncer accommodates babies up to 40 pounds, the life of this product is extended, especially as an extra seat at the table. But, bouncing only happens at one height.

You’ll also love that you can move this extra-tall bouncer easily from place to place thanks to two rear wheels. And when not in use, you can fold it up flat and stow it away.

Coming soon at tinylove.com, $150.

Why do you love your baby bouncer? Tell us in a Comment.

–Julie Seguss

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