The Newest Big Thing in Babywearing

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Babywearing is big. When your little bundle is close, with bright eyes looking up at you, it’s the sweetest thing. But wouldn’t it be nice for baby to see the sights around you, too? Good news: A new product, the Ergobaby Four Position 360 Carrier, helps with just that. In addition to letting you front carry your precious cargo facing in, on your back and on your hip, it allows you to front-carry facing out. It’s a game changer and a must-add to your registry.


Why We Love It
While Ergobaby’s core collection of carriers remains the same, offering just three ways to babywear, the new 360 answers the call of parents who have requested the facing-out option. While front-facing carriers have been questioned for raising a baby’s risk for hip dysplasia in the first six months, Ergobaby’s newest carrier has a sound design that should quell critics. The Four Position 360 Carrier ensures that your baby is seated in an ergonomically sound front-outward position with the legs spread in a frog-like position with knees even to hips and a rounded spine. This way, the pressure on the hip joints is minimal. And this is true of all four positions, too. Also new for this carrier: The shoulder straps and waistband are even wider and more well-padded, which help to evenly distribute your little one’s weight.


Babywearing Recommendations
The most common carrier position is front, facing in. It’s a lovely way to bond with your newborn and it’s what Ergobaby recommends you stick with until your little one has gained head and neck control around the five-month mark. The brand also recommends limiting time in the front-outward position and selecting it for times when your baby would have a lot to look at or interact with — think trips to the zoo or family parties. But if he or she starts to look snoozy, it’s time to turn inward for a nap.


Want to give the new Ergobaby Four Position 360 a spin? It’s available at for $160, although quantities are limited. If the website is sold out, you can submit your contact information to be alerted when they replenish stock, or can be directed to a store near you that has the carrier.

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— Julie Seguss