Original Ways to Celebrate a First Father’s Day

He kisses boo-boos magically. He wrestles playfully. He changes diapers … reluctantly. Joking aside, whatever Dad does, he does it like a champ. And now is time to celebrate him. For a first Father’s Day, go beyond the expected and do something with meaning. From photo traditions to Go-Kart adventures, we have ideas for making the celebration memorable.

Make Daddy’s First Scrapbook
Collage photos to commemorate Dad’s first hug, kiss and words with baby. He’ll love reliving each and every moment, from the first time holding your little bundle to playing peek-a-boo. It’s a keeper that will bring everyone down memory lane for years to come.

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Photo credit: Mama’s Sew Nifty Sewing World

Create “Day Off” Coupons
Dads need time off too! Any papa is going to love receiving coupons for time off from changing baby’s diaper. Make your own, or buy this delightful token tin from Eighteen25 that even looks great sitting on the shelf.

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Photo courtesy of Eighteen25

Decorate the House with Quotes
Nothing sets the mood better than a house full of uplifting and motivational quotes about fathers and fatherhood. Put them up after Dad has gone to bed so that he can wake up to a morning of joy. Check out these awesome quotes from Huffington Post for inspiration.


Do Room Service
Make your husband king for the weekend with a pre-planned, stress-free day. We spotted an amazing dad breakfast in bed on the blog Simply My Kitchen. He got gifts to share with his tot and then a breezy, relaxing picnic outdoors. We especially loved the breakfast menu that turned the day into a fancy experience.


 Photo credit: Simply My Kitchen

Start a Picture Tradition
Grab some letters (or make your own) and start what can become a lifelong tradition. Create a photo series of your little babe holding up the words D-A-D and re-create the scene each year.


Photo credit: GPG Photography

Play Dress-Up
Every kid wants to be just like daddy, even if they can’t vocalize it just yet. Make a photo card of your baby dressed up in papa’s clothes for laughs and giggles. Watch as dad’s chest swells with pride at the sight of their own kid already looking like him. Psst … this trend is also known as #babysuiting.


Photo credit: @BERRY198 via Instagram

Send Him on a Thrill Ride
Do going down steep hills and highways excite Dad when he’s taking the SUV for a ride? Maybe he’s just itching with a need for speed. Treat him to a day on the race course! Whether it’s Go-karts or motor bike lessons, the main man could definitely use some fan support from you and his baby on the side. Dress the little one in a cute onesie or matching helmets with dad.


Photo credit: John Nuttall via Flickr creative commons

Translate a Message to Dad
Your babbler sure has a lot to say about how much they love Dad. Film your little chatterbox and then upload your video into iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. Add captions “translating” all that baby talk to make dad smile. Check out an example where Ellen Degeneres translated a pair of twins talking about April Fool’s Day here.


Photo credit: Mark Evans via Flickr creative commons

Make an Envelope Surprise
Oh Happy Day put together an awesome calendar using bright envelopes that promise surprises and treats. If you’ve got to stay in because of the baby or because dad prefers it, this is a great way to keep everyone entertained. Let Dad open one at the hour, and inspire him with words or make him laugh with a joke. Set him up for a sweet treat of lemonade in the afternoon, and of course, save the best for the last envelope.


Re-Enact Dad’s Childhood Photos
For creative and photo-happy dads, take a trip down memory lane. This dad re-created his childhood pictures and his father’s childhood picture with stellar, heart-racing results. These photos will also make great greeting cards to Gramps.


Box the Memories
Create a shadow box that Pops can admire at work. You can use an old drawer or a tiny dresser from a thrift store, or a picture frame to capture the highlights of the journey of being a dad. Pull out important tickets, pamphlets, newspaper clippings, photos and more. This amazing shadow box by Minna KS is for one lucky dad of the year.


Throw a Super-Dad Party
Do all your friends have tots and dads around the same age? Invite them over to kick back on the couch with a beer in hand as they watch the game and the kids entertain themselves. We love this Super Dad luncheon by Workman Family. Dads will love working the grill while sipping kid-friendly (root) beer.


Got any great ideas to share? Let us know what great first Father’s Day surprise you are planning — we won’t tell! 

— Christal Yuen


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