Could This Be the First Spa for Babies?

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It’s common for spas to lure new moms with the promise of relaxation and pampering. But imagine our surprise when we heard about one catering to babies fresh out of the womb. Float Baby, a new oasis located in Houston, Texas, is tailored toward the itty bitty — babies 2 weeks to 6 months. Treatments combine water therapy and gentle massage. Would you pay for a baby spa day? Read on and decide.


The Scoop
The destination was started by Kristi Ison, a former infant massage instructor who, in an interview with People magazine, said parents rave that treatments have improved their infants’ strength and made them sounder sleepers and better eaters, among other things. Sessions include a soak in a tub and a rubdown using organic oils. While that has all the makings of a spa package, Ison tells Red Tricycle that Float Baby isn’t a spa, but a “haven” for fostering emotional, physical and mental development. “What I see during class are peaceful, happy babies enjoying the bonding process and the sensory stimulation,” she says.


The Float
Treatments are around 60 minutes, depending on your little one’s tolerance. The first part of the session involves the float, for which babies are suited up in embroidered swim diapers and placed in a small pool of purified water. Their tiny heads are propped up in a floatie (similar to the Otteroo) that rests around their neck so the rest of their bodies can freely move in the water.

According to Float Baby’s website, many babies are so relaxed they fall asleep. Babies spend about 20-25 minutes in the water, unless you have a crier, before being wrapped in a warm towel to start the infant massage portion of their treatment.


The Magic Touch
Mom, Dad or caregiver is tasked with becoming the therapist for baby’s massage. An instructor guides you through the strokes, done with a blend of organic, cold-pressed oils with Vitamin E. You leave with a small bottle of Oli’s oils to perfect your craft in the comfort of your own home.

Float Baby has recently opened up classes to older kids for therapeutic purposes. Children that weigh up to 110 pounds and have special needs such as cerebral palsy use a slightly different floating device, and babies born with neuromuscular issues who need extra attention are catered to, as well.

Good to Know
Luxe treatments come with a hefty price tag, and it’s no different when the client is only in diapers. One group class will run you $65 a piece (four babies per class). If you are looking for something more private, that’ll run you $100. Frequent floaters can buy a package of three classes to be used in eight days for $150.

We aren’t sure that your baby will be running marathons sooner or winning the spelling bee at the age of five if he or she is a regular here, but if you are looking for something different to do with your little sidekick and believe in the longterm benefits, this might be for you. Float Baby plans to franchise nationally so there could be one in your neighborhood … sooner than you think.

Float Baby is located at 6516 Del Monte in Houston. For more info, call 832-819-8380 or go to

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— Samantha Lande


photos: courtesy of Float Baby