3 New Innovations to Keep Tabs on Your Newborn

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Bringing home baby can be equal parts joyful and stressful. You’re a sleep-deprived amateur and her tiny, precious little life is in your hands. While we assure you, your parenting instincts can get you through this – if you’re a gadget loving mom or dad, one of these cool innovations may ease your newbie jitters.

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For Data Loving Parents

You were a spreadsheet all-star at work and a Fitbit addict at home. Now, in your new role as a parent, the Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad will compile your baby’s data for you. Start by changing your baby’s diaper on this special changing pad. It’ll record your baby’s weight and you can input the diaper change. You can also track feedings and sleep via the pad or an accompanying app. Curious what your baby is doing when you’re not around, the device will send alerts to your phone about naps, feeds and more.

Available for pre-order at hatchbaby.com.


babymoov camera

Keep an Eye and Ear on Baby

Here’s an update to the traditional video baby monitor. First, the Babymoov Baby Moitor boasts extra safety for your baby as it gives off 0% emission of radio waves. Another sign this is the monitor of the moment – you can check in on your sleeping baby using your Apple or Android phone. The app will alert you of movement and room temperature changes, allows you to play lullabies from your music library and gives you a look inside Baby’s nursery from up to four devices even when you’re away.

Available at giggle.com,  $200.


Even Though You’d Never Forget

You’ve heard about it in the news one too many times recently – parents leaving their babies in hot cars unattended. While you swear it would never happen to you, it’s better to be safe than sorry. The first-of-its-kind Evenflo Advanced SensorSafe Embrace Infant Car Seat has a built in sensor that communicates with your car so if the car is turned off and your baby’s chest clip is still buckled, a series of tones will remind you that your little passenger is in the backseat.

Available at walmart.com, $149.88.

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–Julie Seguss