A Fun (& Easy!) Way to Mark the Milestones

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Yep, you’re that parent: You snap a pic of your baby on her “birthday” every four weeks so you can look back on how she changed — and there’s no shortage of cute products to help you mark the months as they fly by. For all of those other special moments that warrant their own commemorative photo, there are Milestone Baby Cards.


Want to remember the day she mastered sitting up, the night he slept for eight hours solid (yippee!) or the day he melted your heart with his first “dada”? All of those milestones are included in this deck of 30 charmingly illustrated cards that you can prop up near your baby, place in his hands or hold up yourself in your zillionith mommy/baby selfie.

The eco-friendly cards were designed in Holland and can be purchased in 10 different languages. The company also makes a pregnancy deck (just thinking ahead, you know) and a mini deck of 100 cards with space for you to write in your own dates and notes about what adorable thing she said or did.


Available for $27; find a store here or  BUY NOW

How do you mark your baby’s milestones? Share with us in the Comments!

— Amalie Drury