Frame It! 8 Monthly Photo Ideas to Capture Baby’s First Year

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You’re probably taking pictures of your baby every day, but a time-lapse style monthly mash-up is a cool keepsake that’ll help you see how fast your baby grows in the first year. We found eight ideas that’ll blow you away. The key is to pick an element and stick to it, like marking the months with a matching number of apples, or using the same suitcase to show how big Baby is getting. It might seem unnecessary and time consuming, but no one regrets the outcome and they’re perfect to put on display at Baby’s first birthday party.

<p style="text-align:right;"><em>photo: <a target="_blank" href="">PJ Feinstein</a></em></p> <h3>Just Chillin'</h3> PJ Feinstein combined a couple different themes to create this look from her <a target="_blank" href="; target="_blank">blog</a>. The baby always sits in the same chair with the same doll, while his onesies tell us how old he is. As with any of these ideas, you could add in the month with editing software post photo-shoot. fuck


How are you recording your baby’s growth from month to month? Share your creative ideas in a Comment.

–Anna Knoebel