New & Cool: Turn Your Car Seat Into a Rocker

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Today’s infant car seats are pretty genius: You can take them anywhere, attach them to all sorts of things, they’re amazingly safe, and they only occasionally make your arm feel like it’s about to fall off. Plus, your baby loves hanging out in his seat — that is, until the soothing sway of the car or stroller ride is over and, bam, he’s awake.


What a lightbulb moment it must have been for the parent who invented the Dozer Rocker, a new battery-operated plastic wedge that transforms any infant car seat into a rocker.

The Dozer Rocker is small and lightweight enough that it won’t hog too much real estate in your diaper bag, and it can run for 11 hours on four AAA batteries. (An optional wall plug is available — we say get it, since 11 hours goes by all too fast when you’re talking naps in strange places.)

There’s nothing high-tech about how it works: Just slide the Dozer Rocker’s slim metal stabilizing arm under the front or back of your infant seat so that the thinner portion of the wedge is a few inches underneath, then flip the switch to set the rocking motion in action.

We like the Dozer Rocker best when used on carpet as opposed to hardwood floors, since it makes less noise and moves more smoothly on soft surfaces.

You can buy the Dozer Rocker for $29.99 at The wall plug is $9.99, and you can get them together for $37.

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— Amalie Drury