15 Reasons to Love Being a Mom in Winter


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Any season is great for being a mom, but winter is a wonderland of momhood. It’s the perfect time to stay in embrace the Danish concept of hygge (coziness) or venture out to experience holiday lights or baby’s first snowfall. Check out these 15 reasons to love being a mom in the wintertime.

photo: Anna Pruzhevskaya via Flickr

1. Staying in
Thanks to the cold weather, you don’t need to make up an excuse to stay at home and stare at your baby all day long…because that’s all you really want to do those first few months anyway.

2. Snuggle time
While you’re staying in, you have plenty of time to cuddle up on the couch with your little bundle of joy. Forget the heating pad! You’ll be warm all winter long with baby snuggled up on you.

3. Watching TV
Lots of snuggle time also means plenty of time for guilt-free TV- and movie-watching. Cue up the Netflix!

photo: Bertram Nudelbach via Flickr

4. Baby hats
Give us homemade or store-bought. With animal ears, side flaps, or pom-poms. Make them fuzzy or fleece. It doesn’t matter, as long as they keep baby warm and are super cute.

5. Sweatpants
There’s no need to try and squeeze into your pre-baby clothes while the winter weather howls outside. Grab those sweatpants and cozy sweaters, the comfier the better, and hunker down for the long haul.

6. Baby blankets
Baby blankets are some of the cutest, softest things in existence. Although they shouldn’t be used in the crib when babies are small, they are great for floor time, strollers, or for borrowing for yourself.

7. Winter walks
When cabin fever starts to set in, a brisk walk can be just the refresher you and baby need. It may require a few extra layers, but that means less exposed skin you need to apply sunblock to.

photo: Honza Soukup via Flickr

8. First snow
There is nothing like the first snowfall, especially if baby’s old enough to play in it. From the first looks of confusion as the flakes hit their face to curiosity over what this strange white stuff is, you’ll definitely want to have your camera ready.

9. Holiday cards
Personalized holiday cards just got a whole lot cuter. And they’re a great reason to browse through all those baby photos you’ve taken and find your favorites. Or, even better, dress up baby in holiday gear with a festive background and have a photo shoot. If you need ideas, check out 12 Instagram-Winning Photos to Capture Baby’s First Holiday.

10. Family gatherings
Holiday get-togethers make it easy to show off your baby to the fam all at once without having to make lots of trips to see relatives. Babies also give you a built-in excuse to leave events early if you want to.

photo: Quan Ha via Flickr

11. Gift wishlists
Now that you have firsthand mom experience, you wish you could go back and redo your baby shower registry to add all those things you didn’t know you would need. (Or leave off that stuff you never use!) Now’s your chance to fulfill your new wishlist.

12. Long nights
Winter means short days and long nights for everyone, not just for moms staying up all night with their little ones. And those dark afternoons are perfect for napping when baby does.

13. Hot beverages
Every mom needs a good caffeine fix. Pumpkin spice may rule the fall, but there is no shortage of winter flavors to please your palate. Peppermint mocha, anyone?

photo: Mark Doliner via Flickr

14. Footie jammies
Those one-piece fleece pajamas with the footies—often adorned with an adorable animal face—are super cozy for bedtime. In winter, you can leave baby in them all day long. While you’re at it, get a pair for yourself!

15. Footwear
With the barefoot days of summer long gone, you’ll actually use those tiny, adorable shoes to keep baby’s feet warm. And, bonus, they’ll also keep those pesky socks on.

What’s your favorite thing about being a mom in winter? Let us know in the comments!

— Katie L. Carroll

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