The Gadget That Could Solve Your Morning Sickness Problems

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You’ve tried peppermint tea, ginger chews and fresh air, plus you eat crackers before you get out of bed, yet morning sickness is still making your life miserable. Here’s a new gadget that just might change your pregnant life: the reliefband.

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Wearable Technology for Morning Sickness

The reliefband is a simple wristwatch style band you wear around your wrist. It’s clinically proven to reduce nausea and vomiting through neuromodulation. What’s that you ask?

How it Works

The band emits pulses on the underside of the wrist that generate a signal which travels to the nausea center of the brain. Then, the signal travels to the stomach and relieves the sensation of nausea. The band has 5 different levels, which you can select to get the intensity you need to find relief.

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What You Do

You’ll wear the band with the face placed on the underside of your wrist in a specific spot outlined in the instructions, with a tiny bit of included gel underneath. When you turn it on you’ll feel a tingling sensation in your palm or shooting up your middle finger. Because the band has five levels, the goal is to have a sensation that you feel, but that isn’t uncomfortable. Over time wearing the band, you’ll get used to the feeling. If you feel sensitive, you can switch the band to the other wrist every few hours.

Once you have the band in the correct spot, you should start to feel better.

How much you wear the band is up to you. Moms-to-be experiencing severe morning sickness day and night could keep it on 24/7. If first thing in the morning is your trouble time, you could experiment with taking it off after breakfast to see how you feel.

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Why it’s Worth a Try

When you’re feeling crummy during pregnancy, especially before you’ve told everyone at work, morning sickness can be debilitating. This solution tackles your ills without drugs and has been proven to be effective. If all goes according to plan, you’ll be able to enjoy your usual daily activities, including spending time with any other kids you may already have.

Reliefband is available at, $89.99.

How do you ease your morning sickness? Tell us in a comment.

–Julie Seguss