15 Signs You’re in Your Third Trimester

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The third trimester —  the final stretch of pregnancy — the ultimate stretch of the human body. Your belly is so taught it feels like it might pop, your swollen feet also feel pregnant and your breasts feel like overfilled water balloons. It’s hard to ignore all those aches and pains; but luckily this marathon has a pretty amazing finish line. Take a moment to laugh at all of your woes with this list of third trimester truths.

pregnant lady mismatched shoes -cc-Maurina Rara via flickr

Photo: Maurina Rara via Flickr

1. You wear mismatched shoes because, you know, you can’t see your feet.

pregnantholdingbelly-cc-alagich katya via flickr

Photo: Alagich Katya via Flickr

2. Those sweet little baby flutters become sucker punches to your bladder.

shaving legs bathtub

Photo: Caitlyn Beattie via Flickr

3. You need a third party to shave your legs (or you just skip it all together; out of sight, out of mind)

beagles in sweaters -cc- Stephanie via Flickr

Photo: Stephanie via Flickr

4. You crank to AC up so high even the dog needs a sweater. And you’re still hot!

duck -cc- raayab via Flickr

Photo: raayab via Flickr

5. You distinctly waddle like the mama duck you’re about to become.

elephant -cc- oliver.dodd via flickr

Photo: oliver.dodd via Flickr

6. You feel like a new breed of animal – a cross between an elephant and a whale — a whalelephant!

pregnant belly exposed heart shape -cc-John Hope via flickr

Photo: John Hope via Flickr

7. You feel a constant breeze on your exposed belly since you’ve outgrown all of your maternity wear.

diner sign -cc- michael duxbury via flickr

Photo: Michael Duxbury via Flickr

8. You can’t go out to eat because your belly won’t fit in a booth.

baby shower diaper cake -cc- Personal Creations via Flickr

Photo: Personal Creations via Flickr

9.  You consider delving into your stockpile of diapers for personal use (the need to pee is real, folks!).

flip flops splashed by wave -cc- Bermi Ferrer via flickr

Photo: Bermi Ferrer via Flickr

10.  Flip flops are your feet’s uniform because you can no longer fit into your regular shoes (and you can’t put them on anyway — see #1).

bare feet in grass -cc- Josh via flickr

Photo: Josh via Flickr

11. Even flip flops might be too much of an effort. The phrase “barefoot and pregnant” now has new meaning.

boy kissing pregnant belly -cc- Ben Grey via Flickr

Photo: Ben Grey via Flickr

12. Even the no-show second trimesters have a belly that is a beacon for constant touches by friends and strangers alike.

stairs outside -cc- nachans via flickr

Photo: Nachans via Flickr

13. Your fitness coach suggests you skip the stairs and start taking the elevator.

happy twin baby girls -cc- Donnie Ray Jones via Flickr

Photo: Donnie Ray Jones via Flickr

14. People start to say. “Looks like you’ll have that baby any day now,” every day, even when your due date is weeks away.

mom and baby sleeping -cc-Oleg Sldorenko via Flickr
Photo: Oleg Sldorenko via Flickr

15. You no longer fear those 2 a.m. feedings because you’re pretty sure you’ll get more sleep than you do now.

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-Meghan Meyers