Soothing Stars: 8 Top Infant Swings

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Swings provide a cozy spot to prop your baby up while you get some chores done and can be a magical way to calm her or even soothe her into a snooze. They rock, they sway, they swing, they bounce – some even play music, vibrate, entertain and fold up. Here, find an infant swing with the perfect soothing powers for your baby.

Best Classic Infant Swing

The Graco Oasis Swing may look like your average swing, but its innovative soothing settings are anything but. Nestle your baby in the cozy plush seat and then choose one of five immersive movement and sound combos. If baby loves sleeping in the car, choose one that has the sounds and motion of a car ride; or if snuggling up to you is more her speed, select "heartbeat." Other options include stroller, lullaby and playtime. You'll also love the battery (and money) saving option to plug in to power. Available at <a target="_blank" href=";gclid=Cj0KEQiAzsvEBRDEluzk96e4rqABEiQAezEOoOfTPk0AReVkoZ7fs_nifcDPIJsV-2D2rlhCJc6WOT8aAtNC8P8HAQ&amp;camp=PLAPPCG-_-PID21884595:BRUS&amp;cagpspn=plab_21884595&amp;eESource=CAPLA_DF:68454166:TRUS&quot; target="_blank"></a>, $149.99.fuck


Do you have a swing that you and baby absolutely love? Tell us about it below. 

—Julie Seguss