5 New Virtual Assistants to Help You Track Baby Before & After Birth

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If you love talking to Alexa, checking your fitness stats with a wearable and tracking your baby’s every move, then you’re going to love the latest baby gadget launches. Now your baby can have wearable tech and artificial intelligence made just for him. And these gadgets will give you piece of mind while he sleeps, eats and even pre-birth, when he prepares to enter this world. Read on to learn about 2017’s must have baby gadgets.


A wearable for expectant moms, this belt tracks and measures early contractions from home. More accurate and mind-calming than counting with an app, this device automatically times contractions and syncs it to an app on your phone so you can chart the trends. For anyone who has dealt with Braxton Hicks or questioned when is too early to head to the hospital, this gadget can help. Since this isn’t the type of gadget you’ll need forever. The company has set up a leasing system. You can order it to arrive later in pregnancy and keep it for 1 to 3 months, before returning it.

Available to lease at bloomlife.com beginning in Feb. 2017, $149/1 month, $249/2 months, $299/3 months.


Project Nursery parent + baby SmartBand

This trio of tracking bands is designed for mom, dad and baby to wear and sync data. You can track your baby’s fetal movements and naps, and log feedings, pumpings, diaper changes, weight and more. Parents can chart their own weight, diet, exercise and sleep, too. Everything is displayed in logs and graphs in an app. You’ll love that the bands have a 30-day battery life. Plus, after the baby tracking features are no longer needed, the smartwatch is still useful for notifications of text messages, caller ID and app notifications.

Available at projectnursery.com Feb. 2017, $149.


Aristotle by Nabi

Mattel just launched this baby monitor meets Amazon Echo style gadget. Aristotle includes both a voice-controlled speaker and an HD camera. The system can keep an eye on your baby like a monitor, but also do so much more. The artificial intelligence-powered speaker has a variety of lights – a night light, changing light and colored lights. It can play a lullaby when it “hears” a sleeping baby start to cry, it can answer your baby care questions with the help of Bing, it can also note when you’re running low on formula or diapers, and even find coupons for you to save money on those purchases. Later, the grow-with-me product will teach your toddler his ABC’s, sing songs or even help elementary students with homework.

Available summer 2017, $299.


cloudtot by DockATot

DockATot is set to launch a high-tech upgrade to their baby lounger this summer. The cloudtot adds an internal pad and smart sensor, which will track your baby’s every move when in the lounger. You’ll be able to see the nursery temperature and noise level, find out when Baby wets the bed and keep track of movement and breathing. It can even nudge Baby awake when no movement has been detected for 12 seconds.

Available at dockatot.com summer 2017, $165-$290.



Ever wonder if you’re speaking to your baby enough throughout the day? The number of words your little hears is key to her language development. The Starling gives you a goal of 20,000 words per day and tracks how many your baby is exposed to. Designed for children from birth to age 4, the device also includes fun activities and tips for language development.

Available at versame.com, $199.

What gadget would you try first for your baby? Tell us!

–Julie Seguss