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That all-important first day of school. You remember it. You pick out your outfit the night before. Heck, maybe you picked out your outfit the week before. You set your alarm extra-early. And you make sure that everything, absolutely everything, is perfect. After all, you need to make the first impression to end all first impressions. So the last thing you want is to be running through the streets of your hometown trying to get to school — late. That’s what happened to one girl in Bramely, Leeds. And here’s the story behind the awesome outcome.

It was the first day of school and one seemingly frazzled girl was clearly late. As a bus passed nearby, the driver saw the girl and stopped. He reportedly asked if she was alright, and then did something pretty major. What did he do? Well, he didn’t give her a ride. Why not? Maybe her school wasn’t on his route or maybe he thought his bus would be too slow. Whatever the reason is, the driver didn’t pick her up. But he did get her a ride.

That’s right, the bus driver called a taxi to come get the girl and drive her to school. Oh, and that’s not all. He paid for the taxi, too.

This total act of kindness didn’t go unnoticed. One of the riders on the bus, Lynsey Jayes, caught the whole thing. Not only did she see and hear what was going on, but she posted the entire event on her Facebook page. The now-viral post shows just how sweet some people can be.

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