8 Busy Boards You Can Buy on Etsy Right Now

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While most of us appreciate a homemade project, not everyone has the time or skillset to whip up craft like a toddler busy board at home. Perfect for busy little hands, these activities are great for parents who want to keep littles entertained and learning at the same time. If you’re looking for a quality sensory board, you can find just what you need on Etsy. We’ve scoured the online marketplace and found some of the most creative and cute busy boards that any kiddo will love.

Caution! Busy!

Is your little obsessed with trucks and construction? Let them take the wheel on this totally customizable and personalized busy board. Add your own colors, name and let imaginations run wild with a play telephone, lots of locks and other fidgeters.

Find it on Etsy, $204.99

Black, White and Fun All Over

Classy and stylish, this simple activity board is perfect for the senses. Complete with chains, keys and locks, this perfectly sized board can be customized with both name and colors.

Buy it on Etsy, $130

Busy on the Go

Looking for a travel-friendly sensory board? This wooden 8"x12" toy is perfect for pint-sized adventurers. Take in the car or stroller, and let the littles enjoy the modern design that comes with plenty of finger fun.

Buy it on Etsy, $62

Zip It Good

There's something about the magical feel and sound of zippers, especially for kiddos! This simple zipper board comes with rainbow-colored zippers and is one page of others you can order to create a quiet book. Zippers can help with fine motor and dressing skills, and are just plain fun.

Find it on Etsy, $20

Busy Blanket

Ribbons, tags and buttons, oh my! This sweet busy blanket is great for sensory learners and is easy to take on-the-go. Made with a variety of fabrics and tags, babies and toddlers will love the unique sensory experiences this blanket brings.

Find it on Etsy, $40.72

Gearhead Fun

This adorable wooden, concrete mixer-shaped activity comes with tons of fun. From jingly bells and locks, to knobs and a fidget spinner, your toddler's going to be keeping quite busy with this board.

Find it on Etsy, $58.50

Light It Up

We all know how tempting those light switches can be for young ones, but now they can redirect their energy! Made with LED lights and switches, this unique activity board is easily powered by AA batteries that can be swapped without fuss.

Find it on Etsy, $95

Over the Rainbow

Combining absolutely beauty and craftsmanship, this busy board transports kids to another place. Littles can visit Rome, Paris and London while working latches, spinners and gears. Pretty enough for your family room, this board is one you won't mind keeping out day after day.

Get it on Etsy, $205

––Karly Wood

Editor’s note: At the time of publication, all products were in stock.



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