Cadbury Is Hiring for a Chocolate Lover’s Dream Job

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Calling all chocolate lovers! Your dreams are about to come true. Cadbury is hiring taste testers and yes, you can turn your part-time “hobby” into an actual career.

Mondeléz International (the company behind the Cadbury brand) recently posted a “Chocolate Tester” position on its website. But you should probably know that there’s a bit of a commute: all tester positions are located in the United Kingdom.

photo: Alexas_Fotos via Pixabay 

Just in case you feel like hopping across the pond for this job (or maybe you were planning on a move anyway?), the position requires no experience. According to the job posting, Cadbury will provide training to develop the tester’s taste buds. We can only imagine the chocolate-filled goodness that involves. However, every applicant must possess “a passion for confectionary.”

So what are main responsibilities of a Cadbury taste tester? To start, the lucky hire needs to have the ability to taste chocolate products (check) and give honest feedback (check). The tester also needs to work with a team of other testers, demonstrate consistency, and be able to use Cadbury’s defined vocab to describe its products.

Given the high number of applications for this delicious role, Mondeléz International notes that candidates who don’t hear from the company within 14 days didn’t make the cut.

—Erica Loop



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