Kristen Bell Is Our Celeb Mom of the Year

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We absolutely, positively loved Kristen Bell in 2018! Okay, so we loved her in 2017, 2016, and…well, you get the picture. But this year, the celeb mama of two really gave us plenty to look at, laugh about, and learn with her superstar social media shares.

Here are 10 timesceleb-mom-of-the-year Kristen Bell rocked our mom socks this year.

Kristen Bell via Instagram

1. She Has the Best Instagram Feed Ever

We’ve all been there. You’re half-way through Trader Joe’s, with stickers all over your face and totally ready to give in. Kristen Bell’s Instagram this past year featured the same mama issues that we have made every parent feel better about themselves. 

Kristen Bell via Instagram

2. Her Daughter Didn’t Even Know Her Parents Are Famous

We all know she’s famous. But apparently Kristen Bell’s daughter Lincoln did not. When she found out that both parents are celebs…well, it was kind of everything!

TheEllenShow via YouTube

3. Her Brilliant Hack to Get Her Kids to Talk about Their Day

Celebs are just like us. They have kids—and they have hacks. Kristen Bell’s parenting hack for getting her kiddos to talk about their day is pure genius. 

Kristen Bell via Instagram

4. That Whole “Frozen 2” Thing

Kristen Bell isn’t just a mama. She’s also the voice behind one of your kiddo’s fave characters. When she opened up about the Frozen movie sequel, we all listened. 


5. Like, So Much “Frozen” Awesomeness

So what happens when Kristen Bell’s work and home life collide? Um, you get her daughter Delta singing “Let It Go”. Yep. This aww-dorable video that Bell posted on Instagram isn’t as much an ode to mom as it is every home with kids in America. 

Daniel Redmond via Flickr

6. She Has the Best Way to Clean Closets

We all need a little help now and then. Kristen Bell’s closet cleaning hack is brilliant in a totally necessary way. 

Kristen Bell via Instagram

7. Seriously…All the Parenting Hacks

Kristen Bell Instagrammed a pretty genius car safety parenting hack last year. But this super-smart idea made a major reappearance in 2018. If you haven’t checked it out, you need to know about this one!

Kristen Bell via Instagram

8. She Keeps It Real with Her Kids

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell are all about telling their kiddos the truth about Santa. But don’t worry. According to Shepard, the kids are still a-okay with the fictional gift-giver. 

The Ellen Show via YouTube

9. She Will Go Full-On Mama Bear Mode for Her Kids

Kristen Bell is one celeb who really, reallllly doesn’t like strangers taking photos of her kids. Bell, and hubby Dax Shepard, have a firm “no kids photos allowed” policy with the press—and the paparazzi, who don’t always comply. They also don’t post pics of their two kiddos on social media, at least not their faces. We totally get it. Privacy please!

Kristen Bell via Instagram

10. She Really Is Just Like Us

We all have those days. And apparently mornings at Kristen Bell’s house are just like ours. the actress got real (in a completely comedic way), telling Popsugar, “It’s awful no matter who’s doing what. And I’ll tell you right now, the 3- and 5-year-old aren’t doing jack.”

We raise our glass to you, Kristen Bell—for keepin’ motherhood real this year. Cheers!

—Erica Loop



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