Chatbooks’ New Line Features Rifle Paper Co. & We Are Lusting in a Major Way

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photo: Chatbooks

As if Chatbooks wasn’t awesome enough already, you can now get your easy-to-make photo books covered in new Rifle Paper Co. designs. These gorgeous prints will make your albums even more display-worthy.

photo: Chatbooks Facebook page

Chatbooks usually come in classic gray or white covers with a single image on the front, but in a new collaboration with Rifle Paper Co., the book series comes covered in bright, colorful floral prints. There are 12 different designs in the limited edition series and the prints are available in hard and soft cover. The soft cover is $10 per book and the hard cover is $15.

For the uninitiated, Chatbooks makes it super simple to create photo albums of all those precious family memories filling up your smartphone storage. All you have to do is set up a photo book series and the app will automatically pull photos from your phone and social media accounts once a month. Each standard book series costs just $8 every time you’re at 60 photos and ships for free.

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