These Are the Cheapest Days to Fly in 2019, So Book Your Plane Tix Now

We may only be a few days into 2019, but it’s already time to start thinking about booking your family vacay. Here’s something that will definitely help in your 2019 vacation planning: knowing when are the cheapest days to fly!

We know saving money is on your New Year’s resolution list. When is it not? So instead of spending the kiddos’ college fund on your fam’s annual trip, consider flying on one of a few select days—you’ll save some much-needed money.

Photo: Courtesy of JetBlue Airways

According to USA Today, on average the absolute cheapest days of the year to fly domestically are between Jan. 22 and 30. So you’ll have to hurry up, because you don’t have much time to book that mid-winter getaway. If you’re planning a trans-Atlantic trip, Jan. 30 is your best bet. But if you’re flying anywhere else in the world, go for the day before—Jan. 29.

Okay, so let’s say you don’t want to rush and get flying ASAP. Don’t worry. You still have options. If you want to take a spring break, fares start going up in March. But luckily, weekdays are still far cheaper. As you get further into the spring in April and May, watch out for rising weekend fares.

And what if you want to travel in the summer months? Again, earlier is better. USA Today notes there are two major price hikes that typically happen on Jun. 13 and Jun. 23.

Of course, it’s still perfectly possible to find cheap fares just about any time. Comparison shopping can boost your results, getting you the most for your money. And with a zillion different travel sites and apps geared towards helped consumers save on flights, comparison shopping is kind of like a mini vacation on its own.

(Kind of.)

—Erica Loop



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