The Scoop on a New Local Kindie Rock CD for Charity

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What do you get when Chicago’s kindie rock musicians pool together for a great cause? Band Together: A Chicago Kindie Sampler, an awesome new CD featuring never-before-released songs by eight local artists. Profits from the CD — and the rockin’ release concert, happening March 8 at Lincoln Hall — go to Intonation Music Workshop, an organization devoted to music education for area children. Flip through our album to see the participating musicians and how they make an impact on the Chicago kids scene.

Miss Jamie from the Farm

<strong> Her music style:</strong> Farm-fabulous! All of the music on Miss Jamie's farm is flavored with a little bit of country and a dash of musical theater flair (for seasoning). <strong> Her song on Band Together:</strong> "Chicago's Famous Cow" fits Jamie's overall farm feel and is about this city that bands everyone together. She intended for it to be recognizable so kids can relate to it instantly, along with educational, enlightening and inspiring. <strong> What's next for Miss Jamie:</strong> She plans to expand the educational aspect of her show so kids learn the benefits of healthy eating, exercise, and seeing that the animals and plants on the farm are treated fairly. She's teaming up with The North Suburban Children's Business network to be part of the Healthy Kids Conference and Expo, as well as Purple Asparagus, to reach the kiddos at the Good Food Festival. Find out more about Miss Jamie from the Farm online at <a target="_blank" href="; target="_blank"></a>. fuck

Who is your favorite local kindie rocker? Let us know in the Comments below. And don’t forget to check out these acts in a group show at Lincoln Hall on Saturday, March 8 at 3 p.m. Click here for more info. The Band Together CD is available for $8 at

— Kelly Aiglon