Doodles Donuts: Drawing, Donuts & Bacon. Swoon!

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Trade in the coloring books for bags of icing at Doodle’s Doughnuts, where you can decorate your own sweet treat. This shop might be the new kid on the block, but it’s already proving itself as creative, convenient and most importantly – delicious. Read on to learn why this Old Town neighborhood spot is worth a visit.

Doodles Donut 2

Let the Doodling Begin
The Doodle Doughnut, a Bismark doughnut with white icing that comes with a piping bag of colored icing, is a great way to start your trip to this shop. Hang out with the family in a fun atmosphere and grab a seat at the communal chalkboard table to continue the doodling while munching away on your sweet creation.

Doodles Donuts Chalkboard

Don’t Stop There
A doughnut canvas is one delicious treat, but Doodle’s offers much more. Classic doughnuts like an old fashioned or apple fritter are served up alongside specialties like pink lemonade and hot chocolate doughnuts. New options continue to be added to the menu and gluten-free varieties have made their debut. If you’re looking for something to go along with your sweets, Doodle’s offers three varieties of bacon. Order up the standard, candied and honey Sriracha bacon. Mouth watering yet? You can’t go wrong with your choice of doughnuts and bacon, but make it even better with a cup of Metropolis coffee.

Doodles Donuts

Keep the Fun Going
Unlike many doughnut shops in the Chicagoland area that close when doughnuts run out, Doodle’s will stay open past dinnertime. Take your kids for dessert and be greeted with a wide selection of doughnuts. By keeping the lights on until nine on weekdays and midnight on weekends, Doodle’s can satisfy your family’s sweet tooth whenever the doughnut craving strikes. Bring everyone along as the space offers second story loft seating if you’re shy about sitting at the communal chalk board. Keep your eyes peeled for a sidewalk café as the weather warms.

Doodles Donuts Owners

A Little Doodle’s History
Owner Dana Lanier grew up in California with the nickname Doodle. Since then, she has lived with her family in the Philadelphia and Chicago areas where she missed the “Mom and Pop” doughnut shops of her childhood. Dana took matters into her own hands and started making her own doughnuts. Lucky us! Now, residents of Old Town and beyond are able to enjoy her sweet creations.

Doodle’s Doughnuts
1419 N Wells St.
Old Town
Online at:
Hours: Sun.-Thurs, 7 a.m.-9 p.m.; Fri. & Sat., 7 a.m.-midnight

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— Lisa Snart