6 Fitness Classes You Can Bring Your Kid To

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Pregnancy came with some sweet benefits. We’re talking justifiable Dairy Queen splurges and late-night leftover pizza binges. Now you’re ready to pretend it never happened, but between naps, diaper changes and mealtimes, when do you fit in fitness? When you can bring baby with you, that’s when. Click through our album to find six group exercise classes that welcome your child, too.

For Dancing Fun: Hip Circle Studio

Baby weight doesn’t stand a chance against Malik Turley’s Mother/Daughter Bellydance or Family Zumba (each offered once a month). And even if you don’t shed it, you won’t care, because the primary purpose here is to boost self-confidence and body image for moms and girls (ages 4 and up). Ditto for the no-holds-barred Dance With Me, Toddler class, where you shake it like you’re on DWTS. Salsa, merengue and samba moves will make you work up a sweat. If you have a baby in tow, sling her on your body (bring your own carrier) and bounce her to sleep with a varied course of dance, circuit training and cardio boxing in KangaCardio. Seven-week session: $70; drop-in classes $25/family or $20 with early registration 709 Washington St., Evanston. Call 847-328-5767 or go to <a target="_blank" href="http://www.hipcirclestudio.com/hipcirclestudio/&quot; target="_blank">hipcirclestudio.com</a>. fuck

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— Elisa Drake