Fun With Food: Imaginative Hot Dog Creations

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If your kids would rather play with their food than eat it, well, you’re not alone! We’ve put together some ideas to bring creativity to the table using an all time kid favorite food: the hot dog. These funny creations are simple (in fact, most of them only require a hot dog, knife, and mustard or ketchup) and will have you asking your kids to please, play with their food.

The Jellyfish 
Ever since we read the easy, step-by-step instructions found at Dabbled we haven’t had a dull hot dog moment. These creatures couldn’t be easier to replicate and make a great surprise for your tiny diners. Get the scoop here.

The Mummies
All you have to do is wrap the dogs in some dough (store bought or homemade). Remember, the messier the wrapping job the better cause you’re wrapping mummies not presents! Get the how-to here.

The Octopus 
We found this incredibly cute (and incredibly simple to create) octo-dog over at MotherMode. Just cut the dog so it has eight legs before you boil. Add mustard face, and voila! Get the full tutorial here.

The Pac-Man
All you have to do is cut your cooked dog into bits, then find your kid’s fave yellow fruit or small bun to make a Pac-Man face. Use the fruit’s seed for the eye and slice out a triangle for the mouth. Bam! You’ve got an active plate ready for devouring. Bonus: it cools down faster for those little’s sensitive mouths.

Do your kids love playing with their food? Let us know your fun creations! 

—Parham B.

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