Head Back to (Mermaid) School at AquaMermaid

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School is cool and AquaMermaid goes beyond with uniforms that have scales, a focus on seashell identification smarts over sight word knowledge and King Neptune as leader of the pack. Chicago’s very own AquaMermaid will transform you (or your little) into a mermaid and teach all the submarine skills you’d ever want to know, from fin high-fives to deep treasure dives. Read on for our top 5 reasons we love AquaMermaid.

1. You can trade your feet for fins for a few hours.
If you’ve ever dreamed of trading your feet for fins, now’s your chance. AquaMermaid will outfit you with an amazing monofin that will have you swimming faster than ever. On top of your fin, you’ll slip into a snazzy spandex mermaid tail that will have you feeling like Ariel in no time. You’ll want to wear a comfortable bathing suit or bikini so you can easily slip into your mermaid fin. Your special monofin will make it easier and speedier than ever to glide through the water.

2. Kids and adults are both invited to join in on the mermaid fun.
Classes here are arranged by both swimming level and age. You’ll have to be at least 7-years-old, however, to set off on an AquaMermaid adventure, but some exceptions can be made, so talk to your AquaMermaid registrar before you head to the high (pool) seas.

Chicago Mermaid School Adultsphoto: AquaMermaid Chicago

3. Mermaid lessons make for an unforgettable birthday party adventure.
AquaMermaid offers birthday party packages so that budding mermaids can celebrate a new birth year in the water. Packages include one hour of private mermaid­ swimming lessons, mermaid tail rentals and extra pool time for free swim and photo opps. Why should the kids have all the fun though? Party packages also make for a fab girls’ night out or bachelorette adventure.

4. Bonding, bonding and (did we mention?) bonding.
Besides an opportunity for your little to celebrate a birthday Ariel style, AquaMermaid offers a chance at unparalleled mommy-daughter bonding time. This unique school will have you guiding ships to safe harbors and waving your fins to passing sailors in no time. Then, you can go home and study your new skills by snuggling in for a showing of Disney’s Little Mermaid.

5. Photo opps galore. 
You’ll feel so glam in your mermaid gear you’re going to want to capture the look on camera. Thankfully the last ten minutes of class are reserved for photo opps. Even better, outfit your smartphone with a waterproof case so you can document all the underwater action.

Chicago’s AquaMermaid school is accepting wannabe mermaids for upcoming classes at UIC Sports and Fitness Center (828 S. Wolcott Ave.). Learn more and realize all your submarine dreams by visiting aquamermaid.com/collections/chicago for more info.

Are you or your mini-you a AquaMermaid School grad? Tell us out your experience in the Comments below!

— Amy Bizzarri

Photos: courtesy of AquaMermaid Chicago