Watch: Chris Hemsworth Explains Why He Used to Clean Breast Pumps

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Actor Chris Hemsworth wasn’t always Thor. When the now-superstar celeb was a teen he had an almost unbelievable job. At least, a job that late night host Jimmy Fallon didn’t believe!

During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Hemsworth, comedian Kumail Nanjiani and Fallon played a game of “True Confessions.” When Hemsworth told Nanjiani and Fallon that his first job was washing breast pumps at a pharmacy in Australia, the other two didn’t exactly believe him.

As it turns out—Hemsworth was telling the truth! The Men in Black star told Fallon, “Pharmacies would rent them out and they’d … come back covered in dry milk, so I’d have a toothbrush and I’d clean the dry milk.” According to Hemsworth, he was 14 at the time and sometimes did more than just wash the milk-covered devices.

Hemsworth added, “It was repairing them as well, occasionally. Any pump, you know, there’s a motor with a belt, like a rubber belt for the suction.”

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Chris Hemsworth via Instagram 



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