Chrissy Teigen Opens Up a Picky Eater “Restaurant” & We’d Like Reservations, Please

She’s a supermodel celeb and a mama we can totally relate to: Chrissy Teigen’s picky eater hack is something that’s kind of crazy, but still a totally rad idea. Seriously—if you have a finicky foodie at home, you need this hack right now.

Tots are notorious for not eating everything—or anything—you put on their plate. If your kiddo is one of the many who just won’t eat what you make, Teigen has an answer for you.

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So what’s the model-mama’s magical answer? She created her very own kid-approved menu for two-year-old Luna. Teigen recently posted a video on Twitter showing off the toddler-friendly “menu.” And yes, she even laminated it.

As Teigen flips through the pages—that come complete with a heading for the item and a price at the bottom—she gives us a glimpse into what she has in store for Luna. So, what does Teigen’s tot eat? According the made-by-mommy menu, she eats cereal with bananas, grilled cheese, cheese quesadillas, crispy fish sticks, chicken tenders, chicken spaghetti and ham and cheese “Lunables.” Adorable.

Even though Teigen added, “Trying to get Luna to eat by being psychotic” to the video, we think the laminated photo menu is crazy—that is, crazy genius!

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Chrissy Teigen via Instagram 



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