Step Right Up! 7 Ways to Join the Circus Today

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Let’s face it, with kids in the house their antics sometimes feel way more sideshow than awwww. Embrace the carnival that is your life with seven totally safe ways for kids to join the circus (without actually running away). Scroll down to get the details. 

tattly tattoos photo courtesy Tattly

1. Get tattoos.
You know what we mean: those ones that came in the goodie bag from the last birthday party or as a reward at school. If you really want to look like an authentic The Tattooed Lady (or Dude) we suggest some of Tattly’s latest amazing collection including the newly releasee Painted Plumage and Vintage Vogue collections. These ones are so cool you’re going to want a few yourself, so order extra! No tattoos? Use makeup to make one on your kiddos arm, or cover them in stickers.

colored popcorn photo: overduebook via flickr

2. Eat popcorn.
It may not be the hard pink clump you’ve come to associate with circus acts but we think these 13 superstar popcorn recipes are enough reason to never leave the bigtop tent. Got animal crackers? Add those to the mix and you are pretty much done.

tightrope walk balance walk mom and child beachphoto: Brent Weise via flickr


3. Do a risk-free tightrope walk.
Head to the nearest playground with an umbrella or parasol and see who can walk without falling off. Even a nearby curb or low wall will do the trick with the littles (they probably want to do this anyway!) If you can’t head to the park, make a chalk line on the ground to follow. Even if it’s too wet or cold outside, you can still walk the line by making one on your floor with painters tape (best on hard surfaces) or duct tape (good for carpets). Invite all the stuffed animals to watch. 

clown kid 4. Clown around.
Grab those red noses and tell some jokes! Have the kiddos slide on mom or dad’s shoes and some oversized pants for that funny (and not at all creepy) clown vibe, add some silly glasses and a hat and then recite some of our favorite jokes for kids

Canopy Escapephoto: Small Friendly

5. Get cozy under the Big Top.
If you happen to have a giant spacious basement or a beautiful outdoor deck, you can pop up a camping tent, fill it with books, stuffed animals and coloring books and call it the Big Top. But for those of us in more humble indoor situations, try one of these forts we’re obsessed with. We especially love the super-easy under-the-table fort anyone can pull of in just a few minutes. Want to add to the circus vibe? Make a little sign that says Big Top for the outside of the tent.

hula hooping kids photo: Eric Peacock via flickr 

6. Be the ringmaster.
Though you probably feel like the real ringmaster in your house, let your kiddos enjoy the roll by dressing them up in a top hat and handing them a small hula-hoop. (Click here to watch a cute video on how to make a top hat from paper.) Take turns tossing stuffed animals through the ring or just seeing who can hula hoop the longest. Bonus: adding a mustache on your kid is just cute.

photo: Oh Happy Day 

7. Do some strength training.
Everyone  knows it’s hard to get a workout in during playtime, but with this strong-man-themed idea you can have it all! Just make the kiddos a barbell with two balloons taped to the end of a paper towel or wrapping paper roll to look like dumbbells. Or hand them one of your lightest little weights (2 lb one should work)b and have them do some “reps” to build muscle. You can grab your large weights and do some bicep curls. You can try other kid-friendly strength training, like holding plank and kiddo yoga, too. Learn how to make this strong man costume and weights seen above by clicking here

Got any other ideas for joining the circus with the kiddos? Share them with us in the comments below! 

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