Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Clay Heart Pendants

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Clay Heart Pendant

Show your love for your little love bugs this Valentine’s Day by making a clay heart pendant they can wear year round. For this fun project use rubber stamps (clean or not – if they have ink residue on them, they just add some pretty color to the pendants) or pull out other small toys like LEGO figures, toy cars, coins, or objects from nature such as tiny pine cones, pine needles, shells, and flowers to press designs into your clay.

You’ll Need:
Model Magic (or any air dry clay)

Rolling pin (a small toy one will do, or even just an empty bottle)

Heart-shaped cookie cutter (or any shape)

Skewer or toothpick (to poke a hole)

Rubber stamps (large or small, in any shape you like – hearts, flowers, or any theme) or other items to press designs into the clay

A length of silk cord, ribbon or yarn

1. Roll out the Model Magic to about 1/8” thickness.

2. Cut out your pendant using the cookie cutter.

3. Decorate your pendant by pressing your rubber stamps (or other items) into the clay.

4. Press a hole through the top of the pendant with the skewer or toothpick.

5. Let the clay dry for 24 hours, then thread the ribbon or cord through the hole.

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