Have a Caffeinated Blast of Crafty Fun

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You’ve made your morning cuppa, but wait–don’t throw out those grounds! The same grounds that get you through your day are going to fill today with crafty fun. Scroll down to get the sip on the best coffee art projects around.


1. Suncatcher Craft
Sneak in a little after school fun before the sun goes down with this lovely coffee filter craft. Created by Fun at Home with Kids, this colorful art project will have your toddler fully focused on making something beautiful for 30 minutes or so. Get the tutorial here.

2. Make Treasure Stones
Need something time consuming, fun and full of surprises? Grab some coffee grounds (if you’re not a coffee drinker, you can stop by any Starbucks to ask for used grounds–they’ll give you them for free), sand and other simple household items to make a stone with a hidden treasure inside. This craft by Make Life Lovely will send your kids on a creative scavenger hunt too. We suggest spending one day making these rocks and the next day hunting them!

3. Mud-like Playdough
Instant coffee, instant playdough. You can mix up a batch of playdough that looks like mud, but smells much better and is much cleaner using coffee grounds, instant coffee, oil, cream of tartar and hot water. Click here to visit Kids Activities Blog for the full tutorial.

4. Hedgehog Coffee Craft
Part home deodorant, part cute hedgehog, this coffee craft will fill your little one’s day with caffeine scented fun. You’ll need whole coffee beans for the hedgehog’s spines, a foam ball for the body, brown paint, twine, cardboard, black beads and a few more easy to find ingredients to make this critter come alive. Head over to iCreative Ideas for the full how-to.


5. Coffee Painting
Stir up an afternoon pick-me-up of creativity. Simply add water to your grinds, grab a few brushes and paint with coffee. Get the details over at Instructables here.

6. Homemade Fossils
Thanks to the amazing blog, Learning Table, your dinosaur lover has a new project for the day. Create homemade fossils with this fun, deliciously scented recipe. Get the scoop here.

How do you get creative with coffee? Share your ideas in the Comments below!

— Christal Yuen