10 Cool Biking Parents Reinventing the Wheel

From the mom you see toting her four kids around town on wheels to new trails and bike lanes popping around the country, it’s clear that biking is not just a mode of transportation for families, but a way of life. In honor of National Biking Month, we took a look around, and found cool parents who make the daily trek on their wheels in sunshine, rain, and yes, even snow. Flip through the album below for 10 inspiring, adventurous and fun stories.

Yev Mordkovich. – Rockaway Beach, Ny

Yev Mordkovich, the co-founder of EVELO bikes, has never been a fan of lycra, so there’s no chance of finding him in a power-pack of weekend road warriors. Instead, this healthy-living advocate can be found on a beautiful nature trail, roaming local neighborhoods, and always enjoying quality family time. He believes it's important to make biking a normal part of the family routine, it’s totally okay to let the kids fall down and get muddy, and it’s important to strive for a healthy, active lifestyle. Yev's ideas led to the creation of EVELO, an electric bike that makes tackling a trail or path possible for bikers of all ages (perfect for when your kids are old enough to pass you up on the trails!) Yev, his wife, and son Danny can be found hitting up numerous trails and bike paths near their home in Rockaway Beach.

Coolest biking experience? People used to stop him and inquire about the electric bike he built for his wife. It happened so often that he knew he had a hit on his hands—and that’s how EVELO began.

Find out more: evelo.com

photo: courtesy Yev Mordkovich

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—Gabby Cullen


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