From the mom you see toting her four kids around town on wheels to new trails and bike lanes popping around the country, it’s clear that biking is not just a mode of transportation for families, but a way of life. In honor of National Biking Month, we took a look around, and found cool parents who make the daily trek on their wheels in sunshine, rain, and yes, even snow. Flip through the album below for 10 inspiring, adventurous and fun stories.

Lauren Hefferon – Boston, Ma

Growing up in New Hampshire meant a lot of downhill skiing for Ciclismo Classico founder Lauren Hefferon; but there was always enough time during the summer months to accessorize, and ride her purple bike everywhere. After a knee injury in high school, Lauren turned to cycling as an outlet for her healthy lifestyle, and it’s been a match made in heaven ever since. While studying abroad in Florence during her college years, Lauren joined a local cycling club and decided to explore her family's Italian roots. It was there, in the Le Marche region of Italy, that the idea for Ciclismo Classico—high-quality, educational and dreamy bike tours celebrating the diversity of native people and their landscape—was born.

Lauren’s three kids are no strangers to the open road. As soon as they were old enough to don helmets (Lauren’s recommended starting age for biking with kids!) they’ve been strapped in and riding along. The family has toured Tuscany to Sardinia, Calabria in Italy, and enjoyed urban riding in Copenhagen, Barcelona and Amsterdam.

Coolest biking experience? A tour through Norway, during which the family rode through snow fields for 40 kilometers, while enjoying the majestic mountain and sea views, breathing pristine air, and meeting the proud seafaring locals.

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photo: courtesy Lauren Hefferon

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—Gabby Cullen

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