Like a Boss: Kid-Run Companies You Need to Know

Your little CEO-in-training has big plans for her lemonade stand (five corners by August!); you’re just grateful she’s found a way to keep her thinking cap on during the summer months. She’s not the only one making serious change. From spinning the latest hit tunes to designing awesome socks and even whipping up all-natural cookies, flip through the album below to discover eight businesses where kids call the shots.

Super Business Girl

Known as Detroit's youngest entrepreneur, Asia Newson began selling candles with her Dad at the age of five. She came up with the perfect sales pitch as “Super Business Girl” and since then, she’s trained over 100 youth entrepreneurs. She’s still selling candles, but it’s the mission of her company, “To recognize the true potential in every child and to make optimum use of their individualized talent,” that’s really caught the country’s eye. She has spoken with local city council members, attended the Detroit mayoral debate, advocated for youth and adequate education, and has appeared on The Ellen Show, NPR and in Vogue, among other media outlets.

Community involvement is also part of the package—each time Asia sells candles, a portion of the proceeds are donated to the homeless. She’s also brought school supplies and toiletries to her school and has given away over 150 coats to children in her neighborhood. When Asia isn’t busy being an entrepreneur, activist and philanthropist she enjoys dancing, performing and hanging out with her friends.  

Find out more about Asia:

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—Gabby Cullen


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