Perfect Pencils: 10 Sweet Styles For School Cool

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As the schoolroom looms on the horizon and kids get ready for a new year of reading, writing and ‘rithmetic, why not put down the tablets and get excited about some good old fashioned scribblers? Yes, pencils are in a league of their own these days, coming in all shapes, sizes and even personalities. Check out some awesome ways to make learning even more of a blast, from first bell to the last.

I Heart Learning

These I Heart Math pencils will get kids excited about figuring out mathematical equations. From the Carbon Crusador comes a school essential with style all it’s own. Not sure about this statement? Be sure to check out the Crusader's Esty Store where there are a ton of other quotes, sayings and it’s possible to order super personalized pencils too. $5 for set of 3 pencils.

How do you get the house pumped up for back to school time?

–Gabrielle Cullen