These Sloth Videos Are Too Cute to Handle

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Shy, slow and cute, sloths remind us of our little munchkins on a school morning. Along with their unique appearance, these amazing creatures are full of patience, joy, respect and tenderness. We rounded up the cutest videos for Sloth Day, so grab your mini-me and watch the videos below. Which sloth is most like your kiddo?

Bath time is just sloth speak for “Going to the spa.”

This is the only pajama party you need (and want) to be invited to.

When it comes to getting dressed, our wiggle worms could learn a thing or two about going with the flow from this tiny sloth.

Curious about what kind of sound sloths make? This video will delight you.

Chewbacca the Sloth represents all moms after the kids have gone to bed.

Want to help out with the conservation of sloths? Visit AIUNAU, a non-profit foundation that works to protect and rehabilitate wildlife. Click here to learn more.

— Christal Yuen