She’s the Boss: 10 Local Mompreneurs You’ll Want to be Friends With

We may aspire to buy seasonal fruits and vegetables, dress our babes in responsibly-sourced organic cotton, and skip that Florida vacay in favor of, say, a local production of King Lear.  But when it’s the dead of winter and your toddler is threatening to peel the paint from the walls if he doesn’t get a bowl of summery strawberries yesterday…you do what you gotta do (thanks for the free coffee, Trader Joe’s).  Here, we profile several D.C.-area business owners who also happen to be parents—so you can reduce your carbon footprint in solidarity with entrepreneurs who, bless their hearts, haven’t slept through the night since 2010.

Sara and Marilyn Polon – Soupergirl

Mom-daughter duo Sara and Marilyn Polon think the food system is broken and want to help fix it by cooking you and your sweet babes delicious, completely plant-based, locally-sourced soup. And salads, and sandwiches, and sides, and desserts. Slurp up flavors like Barley Sweet Potato and Greens, Indian Style Mulligatawny, and Spicy Carrot Peanut—and finish lunch with a vegan chocolate chip cookie. Soupergirl composts, uses wind energy, and vets their DMV-area farmers carefully. Buy their good-for-the world food at their M Street or Takoma brick-and-mortar locations or at fine food stores around the city, including Whole Foods, Glen’s Garden Market, and Yes! Organic Market, among others.


Who did we miss? In the comments section below, tell us about your favorite local mompreneur.

—Katie Brown and Hilary Riedemann


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