She’s the Boss: 10 Local Mompreneurs You’ll Want to be Friends With

We may aspire to buy seasonal fruits and vegetables, dress our babes in responsibly-sourced organic cotton, and skip that Florida vacay in favor of, say, a local production of King Lear.  But when it’s the dead of winter and your toddler is threatening to peel the paint from the walls if he doesn’t get a bowl of summery strawberries yesterday…you do what you gotta do (thanks for the free coffee, Trader Joe’s).  Here, we profile several D.C.-area business owners who also happen to be parents—so you can reduce your carbon footprint in solidarity with entrepreneurs who, bless their hearts, haven’t slept through the night since 2010.

Amy Barnes Morgan and Kathryn Zajac – Swēt-Ride

Amy Barnes Morgan – BARRETECH & Swēt-Ride
Amy Barnes Morgan doesn’t just run one successful business, she runs two! BARRETECH and Swēt Ride are her two babies (in addition to her infant son, David!) that’s she been nurturing to sweet success. Amy created BARRETECH when she realized that the barre classes she loved needed to evolve to better sculpt and tone her client’s bodies. Swēt Ride was born when she and a friend opened the only indoor cycling studio in Alexandria to help riders find their “sweet spot,” a higher power and faster pace for a stronger workout.


Kathryn Zajac – Swēt-Ride
Kat and Amy founded Swet-Ride by spinning through blood sweat and tears converting a space on Mt. Vernon Avenue in Del Ray into the perfect spin studio. Kat took her love of outdoor cycling indoors when she was training for races around the country and needed to increase her endurance. Training others to find their sweet spot and teaching classes at BARRETECH keep Kat pretty busy, but well equipped to run after her little one, and still have time to find her family’s own sweet spot.


Who did we miss? In the comments section below, tell us about your favorite local mompreneur.

—Katie Brown and Hilary Riedemann


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