10 Tasty French Fry Finds

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Ask any kid what her favorite food is and most likely she’ll say French fries. In fact, some kids prefer to eat only fries! As moms who care about raising healthy kids, we don’t give them fries every single day (OBVI), which is why when we do, they better be good, right? Well, look no further–from crinkle cut to wedges–here is a list of the yummiest fried taters in D.C.

french fries-boy-crdtPhoto: Hou Yean Cha via Flickr

#1 Ben’s Chili Bowl
This popular diner is just as famous for its chili cheese fries (The Works) as it is for its half-smokes. The fries come smothered in a huge portion of hot, meaty (or choose the vegetarian) chili and gooey cheddar cheese. It’s a meal in itself.

1213 U St., NW (U Street)
Other locations in Arlington and at Regan National Airport
Online: benschilibowl.com

#2 Blue Duck Tavern
You may have to wear church clothes to come here, but believe us the fries are worth it. They steam, dry, and put russet potatoes in the mixer to season. The potatoes form the mixture into a sheet pan and cut them by hand. It’s a great texture when they are fried crispy and soft on the inside. Bonus: They are completely vegetarian so everyone can enjoy them.

1201 24th St., NW (Dupont Circle)
Online: blueduck.com

shake-shack-friesPhoto: Shake Shack via Facebook

#3 Shake Shack
This place learned the hard way that their crispy, crinkle cut fries were perfect enough when in 2013 Shake fans freaked, because the owner tried to tweak the recipe. “Bring back the crinkle cuts!” the fans roared. The owner brought back the crinkle cuts and now everyone is happy.

800 F. St., NW (Penn Quarter)
Other locations at Dupont, Tyson’s Corner and Union Station
Online: shakeshack.com

#4 Granville Moore’s
Some locals argue that a few of the dishes at Granville Moore’s wouldn’t be as good if it weren’t for the salty frites that come on the side. They offer the perfect combination of salt and crunch in every bite.

1238 H St., NE (H Street)
Online: granvillemoores.com

bourbon-steak-friesPhoto: Bourbon Steak

#5 Bourbon Steak
The Blue Duck Tavern isn’t the only place to use duck fat as the not-so-secret key to a perfect fry. Bourbon Steak features a trio of duck fat fries with delicious dipping sauces. We haven’t met anyone who doesn’t put this place at the very top of their best fries in DC list!

2800 Pennsylvania Ave.
Online: bourbonsteakdc.com

#6 Poste
This French brasserie, tucked inside the Hotel Monaco in Chinatown, features truffle fries served in a paper cone. They are delicate and salty, with just the right amount of crunch.

555 8th St. NW (Judiciary Square)

falafel friesPhoto: angela n. via Yelp

#7 Amsterdam Falafelshop
Nevermind that they have the best falafel sandwiches in town, the fries here are double fried for extra crispiness and come with delicious curried ketchup or peanut sauce for dipping.

2425 18th St. NW (Adams Morgan)
Online: falafelshop.com

#8 Medium Rare
Considering that the only two things on the menu at Medium Rare are steak and fries, you can expect something close to perfection for both. Here the fries are made completely from scratch and involve a complicated, 24-hour process of cutting, soaking, drying, blanching, refrigerating and, finally, frying. The result is to-die-for deliciousness.

3500 Connecticut Ave., NW (Cleveland Park)
Online: mediumrarerestaurant.com

box-fritesPhoto: Box Frites 

#9 Box Frites at Nationals Park
Many people swear by these fries, saying they warrant the price of a game ticket just to get a taste. Hot, salty, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Yes, they are a little expensive ($8 for a small), but there’s no customer hesitation in forking over the money. Choose from regular or garlic-Parmesan (yum!), and dipping sauces such as smoky bacon aioli, blue cheese, and rosemary ranch. Totally worth the price!

1500 S Capitol St. (btwn N St SE and Potomac Ave. SE) (Yards Park)
Online: nationals concessions

#10 Brasserie Beck
With so many delicious dishes on the menu here (grilled octopus, duck foie gras), you might be tempted to skip the Belgian fries, but don’t. These slender, pale and crispy potato sticks pack a wallop of flavor and come with three delicious mayo-based dipping sauces.

1101 K St., NW (Mt. Vernon Square)
Online: brasseriebeck.com

Where does your family go for the best fries in the DMV? Tell us in the comments section below. 

—Jamy Bond