A Parent’s Guide to Truckeroo

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It’s summer in the District and it’s too hot to have another dinner battle. On one side of the table your preschooler is melting down because there are too many peas touching her chicken leg. On the other side, your big kid only wants macaroni and cheese—all day, everyday. Have no fear, D.C.’s Truckeroo Food Festival is here (at least for another two months). With its 20-plus food trucks per session and cool band stand, it is the perfect way to grab a bite to eat without the showdown.


Eat It Up
Do you have a picky eater who says “No” to everything you put on the table? I don’t want fish sticks…I don’t want pasta…I don’t want a sandwich…I don’t want chicken or vegetables. Does your entire family want something different to eat? Not a problem because Truckeroo has food for all tastes: DC Slices for pizza; Neat Meat for classic sloppy joes; Red Hook Lobster Pound for lobster and shrimp rolls; Doug the Food Dude for sandwiches and wraps; Orange Cow, Curbside Cupcakes, and Sinplicity Ice Cream (especially their chocolate scoop!) for those must-have sweet treats.

The Half Street Fairgrounds, located just across the street from Nationals Stadium and down the street from the Capitol Riverfront, stock plenty of adult (and kid) beverages to keep your party going all night. Remember though, all drinks, including water and lemonade, have to be purchased at the fairground booths (The Bullpen). And at $4 a pop for water, you’ll save money for dessert if you pack your kiddos’ sippy cups.

Dance It Off
When Truckeroo isn’t going on, the fairgrounds play host to the Nationals’ pregame shows, wine and beer festivals, and live concerts. During Truckeroo, bands and DJs play 80’s and 90’s music, and there’s live music throughout the afternoon and into the evening on the front stage. Kids can dance their hearts out until they fall asleep, which is great since you can bring a stroller inside. After your party animal has crashed, put them down in the stroller and keep dancing. Bonus: Near the backstage, there are plenty of cornhole games going on for kids—young and old—to join.


FYI: Security guards at the gates checking IDs and giving out wristbands if you plan on grabbing a beer or wine. If you aren’t planning to have an adult beverage, head to the side of the long gate lines so you can quickly slide right on through. There is limited parking on a Nationals game night so plan accordingly by arriving early or taking the metro. Search around for a table; everyone is happy to share space at the long picnic tables. For those inevitable potty emergencies, the portable potties are located to left of the band stage.

Where: Half and M Street, SE across from Navy Yard Metro Station
When: Aug. 16 and Sep. 3; 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Online: truckeroodc.com

Got any more tips to share with us about hanging out at Truckeroo?

—Heather Selig

Photos courtesy of Truckeroo D.C. and Ben Selig