Petite Picassos: A Georgetown Art Studio Inspired by the Greats

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Kids are creative by nature. You know that. Remember your daughter’s sketch of a cat head on a fish body riding a skateboard? Or, when your son decided to use your wood floor as a canvas for his baking flour/ketchup/mustard/kitty litter abstract piece? “Charming, but slightly on-focused,” says the art critic in you. What tiny artists-in-residence need is a bit of guidance and a canvas (that’s not your white walls!). Enter Anna Banana (aka Anne Freeman) and her cute little Georgetown art studio for kids.


Anna Banana, revealed</strong
An art dealer at Addison/Ripley Fine Arts and Hemphill Fine Arts for 20 years before making the switch to teaching, Anne Freeman (the owner, operator, and instructor at Anna Banana) utilizes her extensive art background when developing and testing new projects for the kids. “I show them a Georges Seurat painting in a book and give them a magnifying glass so they can see that the painting is made up of dots,” she says. “I then give them toothbrushes to dip in paint; they flick the bristles with paint onto the paper….and it makes little dots!  Voila!  Pointillism!” Amazing! Fun! All of that!

Sign me (er, my kiddo) up
Classes are offered weekly for kids ages 2 – 10. Sorry, grown-ups! In a fun and relaxed environment, little ones learn about the great artists, including Matisse, Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh, Rothko. But, it’s not just kids flipping through big art books. “The children make art projects relating to whichever artist we are studying,” says Freeman. Toddlers explore color mixing, patterns, and sensory arts, while older kids dive into things like color theory, self-portraiture and Impressionism (yes, Impressionism!). This just in/breaking news/save the date: We here that an adult “Wine and Watercolors” class will be offered at the studio this fall.


While caregivers or parents are encouraged to stay at the studio with their itty-bitty toddlers, classes for bigger kids are drop off. What to do with your free time? The studio is nearby a Safeway and a Whole Foods for grocery shopping, Starbucks for a caffeine fix, and Dry Bar for a quick pamper session.

Anna Banana
3270 S Street, NW (Georgetown

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—Ayren Jackson-Cannady

Photos courtesy of Anne Freeman