Engineering for Kids: The Smart Way to Have Fun

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Did you know that braille was invented by a 15-year-old boy?  Windsurfing by a 12-year-old?  Popsicles by an 11-year-old?  Chances are these little geniuses weren’t wasting time in mind-numbing bouncy houses (not that we don’t love a mind-numbing bouncy house every now and then).  If your young dynamo of creativity needs inspiration, or you’re simply looking for a way to replace your kid’s smartphone with some smart fun, we can’t get enough of Engineering for Kids.


Science, technology, engineering and math merge with entertainment and fun through classes, camps, clubs and parties.  Here you’ll find a haven of ways to inspire your little Einstein through hands-on learning.  There are even programs for home-schooled students, scouts events, in-school field trips, and parents’ night out!  Classes range in size from 2 to 20 students.

In addition to mind-bending fun, your kids get the opportunity to learn some of the most important skills for a high-functioning brain. Each program is designed to help kids: build problem-solving skills; discover how things work; increase the desire to explore engineering as a career option; and learn math and science concepts by engaging in real-world engineering problems.

With multiple area locations, including D.C., Md and Va, and subjects that span the engineering field – civil, chemical, electrical, environmental and more – as well as levels that range from junior to apprentice to master, the learning possibilities are endless!  Who wouldn’t want to build bridges out of marshmallows, construct roller coasters and whirligigs, mix up crazy chemical concoctions, design video games, build robots, or compete in LEGO-building battles? Yes, LEGOs! Need we say more?

With programs for kids as young as 4-years-old, your little bubble of curiosity could make Bill Gates look like a late-bloomer.

Insider tip: Be sure to get on the mailing list.  New classes, camps and clubs are announced regularly and they fill up fast.  The mailing list is the quickest way to get informed and enrolled.

Engineering for Kids Headquarters
2781 Jefferson Davis Hwy #107 (Stafford, Va)

Do you have a little engineer on your hands? How do you keep her inspired?

—Jamy Bond

Photo courtesy of Engineering for Kids via Facebook