Score! 3 Fall Sports You Never Considered for Your Kid

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When you think of fall sports for kids, soccer is probably the first thing that comes to mind. And that’s all well and good—those DC United superstars had to get their start somewhere! But, says Illene Miller, co-founder of Activity Rocket (a one-stop search engine for sports, classes and camps offered in the D.C. metro area), there’s many more just-as-cool options available for your little leaguer. caving-fall-sport

Have they tried caving (or kayaking, or snow club)?
Think the last day of summer camp marks the end of outdoor adventures. Think again! D.C. is smack dab in the middle of lakes, hills, and caves, making it the perfect backdrop for fresh air autumn adventures. Miller loves these outdoorsy programs because they deepen kids’ connections to nature, while encouraging the use of muscles different than those of traditional sports and exercise. Plus, every kid needs a daily dose of dirt!

Check it out here: Calleva in Poolesville, Md and Dickerson, Md


Have they tried flag football?
This sport keeps kids moving and develops teamwork skills, all while inspiring that competitive spirit. “We really dig flag football because both boys and girls can play, and it doesn’t require you to buy a lot of equipment (in case your kid’s interest doesn’t last more than one season),” says Miller.

Check it out here: i9 Sports in Potomac, Md; Central and Northern Fairfax County, Va; Loudon County, Va; KOA Sports in Cabin John, Md


Have they tried equestrian?
How about trading those cleats and football pads in for boots and a saddle pad? Horseback riding develops balance and coordination, as well as discipline and dedication when it comes to the care of the horse. “Plus, riding can be therapeutic for kids with special needs,” notes Miller.

Check it out here: Great and Small Riding in Boyds, Md and Misty Brae Farm in Aldie, Va.

What is your kids favorite fall sport?

—Ayren Jackson-Cannady

Photos courtesy of Calleva via Facebook, KOA Sports via Facebook, Misty Brae Farm via Facebook