Role Play: Glen Echo’s Puppet Shows for All Ages

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You’re never too old for a puppet show. Need proof? Just stop by the hidden gem of a puppet theater, The Puppet Co., tucked away inside Glen Echo Park’s Popcorn Gallery (seriously, if you blink you just might miss it). The theater offers year-round puppet shows and craft workshops that the kids—and you…and your parents…and their parents—would find cool.

the puppet co.

Make Believe for Tiny Theatergoers
The youngest patrons will enjoy the Tiny Tots shows designed for kids 0 to 4 years old. Taking place at the toddler-friendly time of 10:00 am, the shows only last a half-hour and run with lights up and doors open so parents and tykes can come and go as they please without disturbing the show.

Don’t Miss: “The Mother Goose Caboose” (through Oct. 27) and “Nutcracker Fantasy” (Nov. 29 through Dec. 29)


Classic Shows for Big Kids
The main stage is dedicated to a somewhat more mature audience: pre-Kindergarteners through 6th graders. Shows tend toward the classics, like “Peter and the Wolf” and “Sleeping Beauty.“ These shows are heavier on plot and dialogue than the offerings for tots, providing a richer theater experience.

Don’t Miss: “Peter and the Wolf” (Oct. 17 through Nov. 22) and “Tales of Beatrix Potter” (Jan. 17 through Feb. 9)


Puppet Making for Tweens, Teens, and You!
If watching puppets isn’t enough, check out the puppet-making classes and camps the Puppet Co. offers. In the kids’ camp, participants make a hand puppet, a muppet-style puppet, a marionette, and a simple rod puppet. Plus, they get to watch a performance from backstage. An adult class covers the same basic territory in more detail.

Details: Both courses cost about $250, including materials. Also, be on the lookout for special $20 one-hour parent-child puppet-making workshops.

The Puppet Co.
7300 Macarthur Blvd (Glen Echo, Md)

What’s the last puppet show your kids attended? 

—Katherine Gustafson

Photos courtesy of The Puppet Co. via Creative Commons