Just Launched: The First Social Network for Kids (Designed by Local Parents)

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Tired of awkwardly emailing your kids’ new friends’ parents to set up play dates on their behalf? Well, now you don’t have to, thanks to a new app called KidMix. Designed by two local parents, the app (available on iOS and Android) lets kids–within the confines of a safe and secure platform–coordinate their own playdates (and then run them by you…of course!). And that’s not all it does! Your little one can also post status updates, share photos, and send fun emojis. The revolution is now!

15566635873_c7cca46b58_zPhoto: Jim Bauer via Flickr

How it works
Just like Facebook and other social platforms, parents start by creating a free account; and then they come up with a username and password for their kids. Kids and parents download the app and log in on any device. Next, let the playdate planning begin! The app comes with a calendar feature that lets kids check in on their own schedules and organize their free time.


Practice makes perfect
Kids can use the app to learn how to socialize online without being part of one of a wide open, hard-to-monitor social network. The creators of KidMix say that they, first and foremost, wanted to help educate kids on how to safely and positively use social media (before being thrown into the wild and crazy world of the interwebs).

Yep, it’s safe!
KidMix has two levels of security that parents can choose from. A “Trusted” kid has full access to KidMix with keyboard accessibility for status updates and commenting. A “Limited” kid is typically younger, so their ability to type so instead of them typing messages, they get a list of pre-written status updates with emoticons to use. Grown-ups can direct message kids and monitor all activity using the integrated parent dashboard.

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–Ayren Jackson-Cannady