Leave the Laptop at Home: Lancaster County in a Day

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You know you’re in Lancaster County when a horse-and-buggy pulls up next to your SUV. But animal-powered rides and charming farmhouses aren’t the only reasons to take a trip to Pennsylvania Dutch Country. The historically Amish town, which is just two and a half hours from D.C., is chock-full of kid-friendly amusements and activities. And not a single one of them requires a charge station or wireless connection. Read on for three ways you and your kiddos can unplug and experience life sans modern conveniences (think: TV, fast food, and mega malls), without feeling the least bit deprived. We swear!Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 2.15.17 PM

Explore the simple life
The Amish are a community of people who settled in Lancaster way back in the 1700s. They live a life today that is not that much different than the life they lived back then (read: no stress). Take a guided tour of an Amish house at Plain & Fancy Farm to see how the community stays so zen. Or explore on your own, with a visit to The Amish Village, a 12-acre farm that houses a one-room schoolhouse, horses, and still-operating buggies. You can even spend a night (or two) at a local working farm.

Insider tip: The easiest route to getting there is to follow I-83 north for 90 minutes from Baltimore, then take exit 9 and go east on Route 30 from York into the county.

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Ride the rails
Both big and little kiddos will love riding the train powered by a restored steam engine at Strasburg Railroad. Trains run on-the-hour starting at 11:00 am and the ride lasts 45 minutes. Back at the station, visit the train store for a large selection of Thomas the Tank Engine products and toy trains. But beware, your kiddos might not ever want to leave!

Insider tip: Get there between 10:00 am (when ticket booth opens) and 10:30 am, when lines are shortest, to purchase tickets for an 11:00 am train ride. You’ll also get to watch the steam engines get hooked up to the train cars!

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Be a thrill seeker
Dutch Wonderland ($35.75/anyone 3 and over) is a parent’s and kid’s dream—free on-site parking, short lines for rides, and plenty of attractions for the toddler. What sets this theme park apart from others is that there are more than 25 “family rides”—including a family ‘coaster, merry-go-round, and log boats—that parents and kids can enjoy as a group.

Insider tip: The longest wait is for the Sunoco Turnpike Ride, a mini-car go-round, but the smile from your kiddo is well worth it.

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—Lisa Ng

Photos by Lisa Ng