4 Preschools That Will Rock Your World

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The search for a preschool that has awesome caregivers, an awesome curriculum, and doesn’t have a five year wait list (’cause that’s not awesome), can seem near impossible. CareLuLu, a new daycare search engine for the D.C.-metro area designed by a husband and wife team with two tots of their own, is making it easier to find a daycare that stands out in the crowd. Here, their picks for preschools that take learning to a whole new level.


Merritt Academy
What makes it cool: It’s an intergenerational program.

Kids learn from their elders (and vice versa) at Merritt Academy in Fairfax. How it works: Students as little as infants visit senior residents of the on-campus Sunrise Assisted Living Community on a weekly and monthly basis. They interact and learn from the seniors through arts and crafts, baking, singing, and story time.

9211 Arlington Blvd. (Fairfax, Va)
Online: merrittacademy.org

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Kiddie Academy of Gainesville
What makes it cool: They’re totally plugged in.

This school, for kids ages six weeks to 12 years, knows that Generation Z basically comes pre-programed to use an iPhone (and any other device with a usb port). It’s one reason Kiddie Academy of Gainesville wholeheartedly embrace technology at this child care center. Besides computers, iPads, and Smartboards, this center offers parents a secured online video streaming—just in case you’re curious to know what your kid is up to at 2:07 pm each day. Now, when you tell junior you have your eyes on him…you really mean it!

13980 Estate Manor Dr. (Gainesville, Va)
Online: educationaldaycare.kiddieacademy.com

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Sela Public Charter School
What makes it cool: Kids learn Hebrew.

Sela Public Charter School in D.C. is a brand new free preschool that offers a bilingual immersion program in Hebrew. Hebrew preschool programs are few and far between, but what’s truly one of a kind about this school is that it aims to teach the Hebrew language without teaching the religion.

6015 -17 Chillum Place, NE (Manor Park)
Online: selapcs.org

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Robin’s Nest Childcare
What makes it cool: It’s just like home.

If you like the vibe of a home day care, but feel the close quarters may limit your little leaper and bounder, Robin’s Nest Child Care might be just what you’re looking for.  Equipped with a huge outdoor space, this spot manages to offer a nice blend of family and center care. The home-part of this daycare is also large enough to serve a capacity of 30 children, instead of the 5-12 kids home daycares often max out at.

13546 Travilah Rd. (North Potomac, Md)
Online: robinsnestchildcare.com

How did you find your kid’s daycare or preschool? Tell us in the Comments section below.

—Sonya Gavankar

Photos courtesy of Carelulu and Merritt Academy