What You’re Missing by Not Being a D.C. United Soccer Fan

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With only a few weekends left in the major league soccer season—the last D.C. United game is Oct. 27—it’s the perfect time to cart the kids out to RFK Stadium to check out a game. Don’t know much about soccer? Not a problem! It’s easy to follow (ball in net = goal), and the game is only part of the experience.


Be Soccer Hooligans
Your little ones can chant, cheer, stomp their feet, and scream their little heads off and no one will bat an eyelash. In fact, it’s encouraged by organized fan groups (the La Barra Brava and The Screaming Eagles) that come dressed in red and black, carrying signs, waving flags and pounding drums.


Meet “Talon” 
Who doesn’t love a mascot? And “Talon,” the bald eagle, is one to remember. He makes his way around the stands, high-fiving fans and posing for pictures — never hesitating to shake his tail feathers for a laugh.IMG_7547[1]

Seek Out Kids’ Activities
The VW Garage is an area dedicated to young fans. Enter through Section 222 for free face painting, video games, soccer drills and a sign-making workshop turn even the least interested kids into full-blown soccer fanatics by the end of the second half.IMG_7542[1]

Eat Award-Winning Food
Cotton candy? Check. Pizza? Check. Churros, Pupusas, Carnitas? Check, check and check. RFK stadium was named to Travel and Leisure’s list of “America’s Best Stadium Food” this year, particularly for its Latin and South American options — so there’s sure to be something you and the kiddos will love. Don’t leave the stadium without trying the shrimp tacos (Section 209) and the yucca fries (Section 311).IMG_7525[1]

Play On the Field
The on-field opportunities for extroverted kids are endless (check out the website for details). They can escort players, hold the flag during the National Anthem, or play on the field after the game. If early bedtimes aren’t a priority, be sure to wait around for the DC United players after the game when they come around to give high-fives, autographs and sometimes even the jerseys off their backs.

Insider’s secrets: Tickets range from $26-$55 and are free for kids under 3 (but they’re not too strict on this). You can get always get cheaper tickets on resale sites like StubHub or Craigslist. Mark your calendar for upcoming games on Sept. 21, Sept. 28, and Oct. 4.

RFK Stadium
2400 East Capitol Street, SE
Online: dcunited.com

Are you planning to catch a game before the season ends? Tell us below!

—Besa Pinchotti

Photos courtesy of Besa Pinchotti and DC United