A Delicious Way to Grow Your Child’s Love of Science

If you’re like us, your quarantine menu may have been leaving something to be desired; namely fruits and veggies. It’s hard to find time to keep up healthy eating habits, especially when you’ve also taken on the job of homeschool teacher! Del Monte Foods has you covered, with a variety of packaged fruits and veggies that make healthy eating convenient—not to mention, more cost-effective since you don’t have to worry about uneaten, wilting produce in your fridge haunting you. Fun fact: packaged fruits and veggies have the same amount of nutrients as fresh produce. Del Monte Foods has been a family’s healthy eating sidekick for over 130 years, picking and packing fruit and veggies at their peak, and creating wholesome snacks that are fueled by fruit power. As if keeping your family well-fed wasn’t enough, now Del Monte Foods helps you homeschool, too? Read on to learn more about this overachiever!

Del Monte Foods has partnered with GrowingGreat, a non-profit with a mission to empower every child to cultivate healthy eating habits through science-based garden and nutrition education. With education moving remote, Del Monte Foods and GrowingGreat are bringing STEM education home! These fresh and innovative learning tools they’ve put together teach kids about the science behind foods: how fruits and vegetables grow, why their nutrition is ideal and even the science behind canning! By involving kids in the process of how their food grows, they’re more likely to reach for healthy foods. (That being said, it’s a good thing you can’t grow cupcakes.)

Lunch Break Lessons

Del Monte Foods is one of the original plant-based food companies. We love how their delicious fruits and vegetables are accessible (and convenient) for everyone, and now their partnership with GrowingGreat is too. These two super-food powers combined make it easy for kids to learn about nutrition, and the timing couldn’t be better with distance learning. The lesson plans are fun and easily accessible, just like Del Monte Foods’ products. Mobile-friendly PDF’s of plans are great for learning on the go, at home, and even printable—perfect for some lunch-break fun!

A Fruitful Lesson Plan

Fun with the whole family is all a part of the plan! Using materials readily available at home, Del Monte Foods and GrowingGreat helps you engage with your kids in the learning process, or let them explore on their own. Whether it’s family night, weekend fun or weekday educational entertainment while you work from home, this free learning program has plenty of goodness to unpack!

Del Monte Foods and GrowingGreat’s immersive lesson plans also offer video options and are available in English and Spanish. Each lesson plan includes a challenge or experiment, exploration questions, a simple recipe and taste test, and a parent’s page filled with fun facts, science discoveries, further reading suggestions and more!

Activities include exploring carbohydrates through a tortilla’s journey from harvest to table, graphing groceries from labels with the most ingredients to the least, developing a fruit drink without any added sugar, growing new veggies from old veggies, and creating a design to house corn, green beans and zucchini all in the same pot!


Del Monte Foods and GrowingGreat’s free Distance Learning Curriculum is available now. Check them out and grow your child’s learning and love of nutrition today!


—Jamie Aderski


All photos courtesy of Del Monte Foods


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